This is the capital city of the French speaking nation of Rwanda, set on the Eastern part of Africa. It is home to the hutu, tutsi and twa African tribes and its people are famed for their great hospitality. It’s rich in history and has become one of the best travel destinations in Africa. Depending on what you’re looking for, it could be both make for a relaxing holiday or provide an adventurous time for the thrill seekers. Some great places to visit would include the:

What to do in kigali?

Responsive image Kigali Memorial Centre
Following the genocide that took place and that saw the death of thousands of people, the memorial centre was set up in their commemoration. There are tours of the place that are done at a certain fee with exhibits set up with intricate details of what happened. Thousands lost their lives and the centre aims to have their story told for years to come. For a better understanding of Rwanda’s history, this would make for an educative and enlightening visit.

Responsive image Akagera National Park
Though not as big as other animal reserves in East Africa, the experience is fulfilling and you still get to experience the traditional East African safari. It’s home to a various number of wild game (lions, elephants, buffaloes etc) and various species of birds for the bird watchers..

Responsive image Inema Art Centre
Founded in 2012, it is a hub of 10 talented artists famed for their great art. It is considered to be the most modern art gallery in Rwanda, with its beautiful paintings and sculptures. Most of the art is for sale but they’re also available for viewing if you’re not looking to buy.