Up until a few years back, this was the capital city of Tanzania and still is the largest city in the country. The people of Dar are predominantly Swahili and as expected, so is the food. They are well known for their coastal cuisine with foods such as pilau, mshikaki and nyama choma. Dar is also known for its sandy white beaches and its proximity to the coast has led to its emergence as one of the biggest ports in Africa. Some of the places to visit in DAR include:

What to do in daressalaam?

Responsive image Fish Market
The bustling kivukoni fish market is a major attraction for anyone visiting Dar for the first time. Here, the fish caught are cleaned, cooked and sold at higher prices. The place is quite chaotic and the best time to go would be early in the morning just when the fishermen are hauling their fish in.

Responsive image Dar es salaam marine reserve
The reserve provides protection for some several important tropical ecosystems. It is a popular place and provides a great area for snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming. Coupled with that, there are nearby beaches with restaurants that serve some of the best Swahili food.

Responsive image National museum of Tanzania
Dar is home to two of the five of the museum that make up the national museum of Tanzania consortium. It gives a feel of the Tanzanian people as it’s dedicated to their history. One of the museums show cases huts from some 16 Tanzanian ethnic groups. Traditional shows and dances are also held daily.