This is a city in Tanzania largely considered an international diplomatic hub. Like any big city, it is multi cultural with people from all walks of life but majorly made up of Tanzanians. It’s a fast growing city and thought there’s not many things that would be considered major tourist attractions, there’s fairly enough to do.

What to do in arusha?

Responsive image Mt. Meru
Arusha is home to Mt Meru which would be great for mountain climbing and sightseeing as the National park is on the slopes of this same mountain. This would be a great opportunity to see what wildlife they have and to enjoy hikes on the nature trails. There are also tour guides available to aid in the various activities.

Responsive image Restaurants
Arusha provides a variety of restaurants with some of the best meals. Not to mention the street food sold by the vendors that Tanzanians, are very fond of. Like any other growing city, Arusha has a vibrant night life and for anyone looking for that extra excitement, you’re bound to find it with all the clubs available.

Responsive image Maasai Market
For people looking for souvenirs, there is the Maasai market which is a one stop shopping place considering all the things that they have available. It mostly consists of handicrafts which are hand made by the Tanzanian people. The crafts are available at great prices too.